What’s RF module? Wireless RF transceiver module

An RF module (radio-frequency module) is a (usually) small electronic device used to transmit and/or receive radio signals between two devices. In an embedded system it is often desirable to communicate with another device wirelessly. This wireless communication may be accomplished through optical communication or through radio-frequency RF module communication. For many applications, the medium of choice is RF since it does not require line of sight. RF communications incorporate a transmitter and a receiver.

Features of RF module:

1. Low cost

The wireless data transmission module establishes a dedicated wireless data transmission mode, which saves manpower and material resources and saves investment.

2. Short construction period

To establish a dedicated wireless data transmission method with a data transmission module, it only needs to set up an antenna of an appropriate height, and the engineering cycle only takes a few days or weeks. In contrast, the wireless method can quickly establish a communication link, and the engineering cycle Greatly shortened.

3. Good adaptability

Using the wireless data transmission module to establish a dedicated wireless data transmission method will have better and wider adaptability than wired communication, and it is hardly restricted by the geographical environment.

4. Good scalability

If a wireless data transmission station is used to establish a dedicated wireless data transmission method, the expansion of the system can be realized by only connecting the new equipment with the wireless data transmission station, which has better scalability by comparison.

5. Equipment maintenance

The maintenance of the wired communication link needs to be checked along the line. When a fault occurs, it is generally difficult to find the fault point in time. However, the use of a wireless data transmission module to establish a dedicated wireless data transmission method only needs to maintain the data transmission module, and it can be quickly found when a fault occurs. If the reason is found, the equipment can be restored to normal in time.

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