BC04 Bluetooth Module for Multi-Bluetooth Network SPP Connection

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With the rise of food delivery and express delivery industry, portable printing applications were born. The application of Bluetooth technology to the printer makes the printer get rid of the inconvenience caused by the connection, realizes wireless printing, and improves convenience and productivity through mobile printing, which helps to improve economic benefits. The development of various take-out platforms has required multiple Bluetooth connections for printers. Currently, printers with the BC04 Bluetooth module HC-05 solution can support 4 SPP connections.

Nowadays, Feasycom has a Bluetooth 4.2 dual-module FSC-BT826 that could support 7 SPP connection multi-Bluetooth network for portable printing, and it also has firmware that can support the needs of customers who need HC05 modules. Recently, the module has FCC certificate, could meet some customer certificate requirement. For more information, welcome visit the module link: https://www.feasycom.com/product-hc05-bluetooth-module-dual-mode-bluetooth-module.html

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