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The host controller interface (HCI) layer is a thin layer which transports commands and events between the host and controller elements of the Bluetooth protocol stack. In a pure network processor application, the HCI layer is implemented through a transport protocol such as SPI or UART.

Bluetooth Protocol Stack/RF Module for Car

what is Bluetooth Protocol Stack The Bluetooth stack, also known as the Bluetooth protocol stack, is a collection of software protocols that Bluetooth devices use to communicate with each other. The stack consists of several layers, each responsible for a specific function. These layers work together to establish and maintain the connection between two or more Bluetooth devices and facilitate communication between them. Some of the functions that the Bluetooth stack performs include device discovery, connection establishment, and data transfer. Different operating systems and devices may use different Bluetooth stacks, and several different protocols may be used within each stack. How to Select Suitable Bluetooth Protocol Stack/RF Module for …

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