Bluetooth dual-mode module for temperature and humidity recorder

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Bluetooth and medical application.

Affected by the COVID-19 this year, the pharmaceutical retail industry has accelerated its iterations, and offline pharmacies have been unable to meet the needs of consumers. During the COVID-19, the demand for prescription drug distribution was supported by government policies and developed rapidly. But refrigerated medicine is the most difficult part to break through. The wireless temperature and humidity recorder can record and monitor the temperature and humidity of medicines during storage and transportation. The data can be uploaded to the cloud and the data can be printed locally to ensure the safety of refrigerated medicines. It is a very goodBluetooth + medical application.

Wireless temperature and humidity recorders generally use 4 wireless communication solutions, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G, and NB-IOT. Among them, Bluetooth is used as a master to connect to a Bluetooth printer for localized services. All recorded data can be printed out via Bluetooth for on-site confirmation. It is a necessary function of a wireless temperature and humidity recorder.

The remote data reporting background generally chooses to use 4G, Wi-Fi, NB-IOT wireless communication methods, 4G and Wi-Fi are more used, 4G communication can record and report data in real time, Wi-Fi can be supplemented when there is no 4G network signal, NB -IOT is very limited because it needs a gateway, so it is rarely used now.

Feasycom has mature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication solutions for temperature and humidity recorders, including Bluetooth dual-mode master module BT826, and Bluetooth Wi-Fi combo module BW246. 

BT826 is a master-slave Bluetooth dual-mode module. The slave side is now used a lot in printers. Many printer manufacturers have chosen this module. Therefore, BT826 has inherent advantages as a master-end on temperature and humidity recorders. BT826 can support both BLE master and SPP master, and it has the best compatibility with Bluetooth printers on the market. 

BW246 is Bluetooth Wi-Fi combo module, Bluetooth is compatible with all the functions of BT826. Wi-Fi can be used to connect to the network to report data, and the two modules BW246 and BT826 are fully compatible in hardware. Satisfy customers' different product selections well.

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