Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth low energy beacons

Generally, the Bluetooth beacon is based on the Bluetooth low energy broadcast protocol and is compatible with Apple's ibeacon protocol. As a Beacon device, FSC-BP104D is usually placed in a fixed location indoors to broadcast continuously to the surroundings. The broadcast data comply with specific formats and can be received and processed.

Bluetooth Beacon how to broadcast message?

In the working state, Beacon will continuously and periodically broadcast to the surrounding environment. The broadcast content includes MAC address, signal strength RSSI value, UUID and data packet content, etc. Once the mobile phone user enters the signal coverage of the Bluetooth beacon, the mobile phone can receive the broadcast content by using an app.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth beacons?

Advantages: BLE low power consumption, long standby time; uninterrupted broadcast state, Beacon can automatically send information to users in the coverage area, and determine the location of the user, and then convey corresponding information based on the location; it can cooperate with the shopping mall indoor positioning and navigation system , Realize shopping mall navigation, reverse car search and other indoor positioning functions.

Disadvantages: Limited by the transmission distance of BLE Bluetooth, the coverage of the Bluetooth beacon is limited, and the user needs to be close to the location of the Bluetooth beacon for a certain distance to push the information; Bluetooth as a short-wave wireless technology, it could easily be impacted by the surroundings (e.g. wall, human body, etc).

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